There are so many creative possibilities for decorating clear ornament balls! They can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be, and they can be an easy project for kids to complete. You can find these plastic ornaments at any craft store. They come in different sizes and are relatively inexpensive. Here’s a roundup of 9 ways you can spice them up! Which style is your favorite?                                                                  

Faux Greenery



Materials: Faux greenery, tweezers
1. Cut greenery to a length just longer than the ornament
2. Insert into ornament and adjust as desired

Tip: You can use live or artificial greenery. Boxwood, eucalyptus, pine, cedar, and juniper are nice wintery options.


Materials: Ribbon, glue dots or adhesive craft tape
1. Cut ribbon to fit around the ornament
2. Apply adhesive to ribbon and affix to ornament

Tulle + Glitter Ball Filler

Materials: Tulle, glitter ball filler, tweezers
1. Cut tulle into a rectangle
2. Line ball filler in the middle of the rectangle and roll the tulle around it
3. Push tulle into ornament and adjust with tweezers as necessary

Tip: You can also use craft pom poms instead of glitter ball filler.

Tinsel + Stickers

Materials: Tinsel icicles/shredded filler paper /Easter basket grass, festive stickers
1. Fill ornament ball with your filler material
2. Decorate the outside of the ball with stickers

Tip: You can put a monogram sticker on your ornament or use oil-based paint markers to decorate.


Materials: Murphy’s Oil Soap/Polycrylic Clear Gloss Finish, glitter, small funnel or paper to use as funnel
1. Coat the inside of the ornament with the Murphy’s Oil Soap or Polycrylic by rolling it around
2. Carefully drain out the excess
3. Using a funnel, or making a funnel out of paper, pour glitter into your ornament
4. Roll and shake the glitter so that it completely covers the ornament
5. Shake out excess

Tip: You can mix and match different glitter colors. The Murphy’s Oil Soap may affect the color of your glitter (tinted our gold glitter a reddish hue). 

Mod Podge + Fabric

Materials: Brush, Mod Podge, fabric scraps
1. Cut fabric into squares, 1” or smaller
2. Lightly brush Mod Podge onto one section of the ornament, avoiding the neck of the ornament
3. Press fabric squares onto ornament, arranging in a random pattern
4. Continue painting Mod Podge onto ornament and adding fabric squares until completely covered
5. Brush a light layer of Mod Podge over the entire fabric covered ornament, let dry

Tip: Experiment with fabrics that coordinate with your current home décor. Mod Podge can dry quickly so work in sections when gluing and applying fabric.

Washi Tape

Materials: Washi tape, scissors
1. Wrap washi tape in random directions around ornament
2. Keep wrapping until you have covered the ornament to your liking

Tip: Washi tape is very forgiving, making it easy to reposition if you need to make adjustments.

Fabric Strips

Materials: Fabric, pinking shears, hot glue gun
1. Using pinking shears, cut four strips of fabric long enough to wrap around the ornament
2. Apply hot glue along the ornament and press the fabric strips into place

Velvet Bow

Materials: Store bought bow or make your own
1. Tie it around the neck of the ornament

Have fun making these ornaments and putting your own personal touches on them! Happy Holidays!!  

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