Did you know that making your own elastic hair ties are super easy to do? And, it’s fairly inexpensive compared to what you might find in a store. They are easy to make in bulk quantities and serve as cute and functional favors. I decided to make elastic hair ties for my Galentine’s virtual spa kit this year. I picked three different Valentine’s colors that coordinated with each other. You can find a huge selection of fold over elastic on Etsy. You’ll find them in a variety of solids, patterns, and they can even be printed with a custom text or logo. They range anywhere from .75 – $3+/yard.


Step 1: Measure and cut each strip into 8.5”-10” pieces. If you have thicker hair, you might want to go with 10”.

Step 2: Trim the edges at an angle for a cleaner look.

Step 3: Tie the ends into a simple knot.

Step 4: Using a candle or lighter, quickly run the edge of your elastic over the flame. This will help prevent it from fraying.

That’s all there is to it! You can wrap your elastics around a piece of cardstock for gift giving. Just cut the cardstock slightly larger than the elastic (when not stretched).

Enjoy your new hair ties! These versatile accessories are perfect for gift giving. Customize your colors to whatever theme or style you’re going for. You can also make them as a headband by cutting longer strips. Have fun making and gifting these hair ties!

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