Finding a great end of year gift for teachers can be difficult. If you don’t know much about your teacher (or your kiddo can’t come up with any gift ideas), where do you begin? My gift giving strategy is to give something that is personal and something that is practical. Personal because it shows you are taking the time to pick out a gift that was especially meant for the recipient. Practical for the item’s usefulness. We tend to default to giving gift cards, because it’s the next best thing to cash. It’s practical, and most people can find a reason to spend it.

As I was wandering the aisles of Target, I was trying to think of a creative gift to attach to the gift cards. I was shopping for four different teachers, so I wanted it to be of equal value. Where did I strike gold? The snack aisle! Yes, consumables! Not only are snacks fun to eat, but have you ever stopped and noticed all the fun brand names and labels on food?? You’ve got brands like Think!, Merci, KIND, and CLIF to name a few. Here’s where I decided I’d craft a thank you card out of the brands and labels I found on the products.

Wow! This has been a MONSTER of a year! You probably felt like you were hanging off a CLIF at times. Thank you for all you have done to get our students to THINK! critically, and for covering some fun topics like the BEES, BUGS & BUTTERFLIES. We think you are CINNAMON & SPICE and everything nice! Your KIND words and actions towards our students are much appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts, MERCI, and we GOTTA TELL YOU THANKS IN A GREAT BIG WAY!! Have a wonderful summer! THAT’S IT.

You can definitely customize your own message out of these great product brands. Try to make the words relevant to your academic year. And yes, our students did have a health lesson on reproduction, and we did have a monster of a year learning in hybrid, online, and fully in-person.


Have fun showing your teachers your appreciation!

Shopping list (all food found at Target):
Favorite Day Peanut Butter Monster trail mix – $6.39 for 10 bags
CLIF Bar Coffee Collection Cappuccino Energy Bar Minis – $11.79 for 20 bars
Think! – $4.99 for 5 bars
Annie’s Bees and Butterflies Fruit Snacks – $3.39 for 5 pouches
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack – $2.59 for 10 packets
KIND Protein Dark Chocolate – $7.69 for bars
That’s it. – $5.69 for 5 bars
Merci Bar – $4.89 for 16 bars
Target gift card – Choose your denomination
Poster board or heavy cardstock – I used a 12”x24” piece of heavy cardstock

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