Looking for a cute Valentine’s day gift? You can make these personalized ribbon bookmarks! I recently made leather effect bookmarks from the FIMO bookmark kit. I decided to cut out heart shapes with the scraps from project. I thought these would be perfect to add to some Valentine’s day gifts I was making for friends. I used a metal stamping kit to stamp out names, but you could easily use a toothpick to etch out letters.


Once the hearts were cured, I added a jump ring to the bottom, attached a charm, and added ribbon.

Supplies Needed:
FIMO clay
Heart cookie cutter or make your own template
Jump ring (5mm-7mm suggested size)
Pliers (to open and close jump rings)
Nail or screw (to make a hole for your jump ring)
Lighter or match (to seal the ends of the ribbon)
Optional: Decorative charms

Step 1: Cut out shapes from FIMO clay and bake as directed.

Step 2: Make a hole at the bottom of the heart with the nail or screw.

Step 3: Cut a 12” ribbon and heat seal the ends with a match or lighter.

Step 4: Insert the ribbon into the jump ring of the charm.  

Step 5: You can either sew or use super glue to secure the ribbon around the charm jump ring.

Step 6: Attach the charm and ribbon piece to the heart with a jump ring (I used a 7mm one). That’s it!

You can make these bookmarks with any type of shape or design. You could make an initial, multi colored geometric shape, or a bunch of beads strung together. For presentation, you might insert it into a book you are gifting, or slip it through a piece of cardstock. Lucky for you I’ve created a free bookmark ribbon holder that you can print out and cut! Click below to download the bookmark holder.

Ribbon Bookmark Holder Template

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