Free Outdoor Halloween Treasure Hunt Printable

Are you looking for an extra fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween this year? Try an outdoor scavenger hunt! The weather forecast looks amazing with highs in the low 50’s! After our record-setting early snowfall on October 20, 2020, with snow totaling 7″+ in Eden Prairie, we are definitely going to be taking advantage of the nice weather.

These scavenger hunt clues are common items you might find outside your home, townhome, or apartment complex. Your kids (and even adults) will enjoy running around outside trying to find all the hidden clues. While these are best suited for older kids (ages 8+), you could easily assist younger ones with hints of your own.

You can include treats or trinkets with each clue, or leave all the goodies hidden at the last clue. If you’re going to be including treats to collect along the way, make sure your treasure hunter has a bag or container to put them in! Enjoy this free printable, and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Click on the Halloween-Treasure-Hunt Download button below to get your Free printable!

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