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Back to school looks quite a bit different for some of us this year. Delayed start dates, constantly changing return to school plans, and the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty have made for an interesting few weeks (ok, months) leading up to September. One thing that hasn’t changed for some of us is our appreciation and gratitude for our teachers. They will be carrying an even heavier load this fall, trying to find the perfect balance between instruction delivery in person and virtually, while keeping our children safe.

Our family has a tradition of giving our teachers a back to school gift. I have the kids include a short note introducing them and sharing what they look forward to learning. Last year I gave personalized bottles of hand sanitizer (Unfortunately quite useful last year!). This year, I decided on an immunity boosting theme. We’ll do anything we can to help keep our teachers healthy! Our gift bags this year included: a: personalized tote bag with matching face mask pouch, a tube of Aquaphor to ward off face mask irritations, a bag of Halls Defense lozenges, a box of merci chocolates, a box of Celestial tea filled with antioxidants and immune support, and hand written notes from the kids and me.

Where to purchase:

merci chocolate: $4.99, Target
Halls Defense: $3.49 for 80ct, Target
$2.49 for 30ct, Cub Foods

Celestial Tea: $2.49+ at any grocery store, any immunity varietyAquaphor: $5.29 for two, Target

SparkleBerry Ink Folding Reusable Bag: $2.49, Michaels
The bags and bag pouches were customized after purchase at home. I personalized the tote with the teacher’s last name, and decorated the pouch to serve as a clean face mask holder.
Let’s Do This Note Card: My mantra for the year! Designed and crafted at home.

Growing up, my mom always gave gifts to our teachers and school staff. Some of you might remember a fun candy store at the Eden Prairie Mall called Mr. Bulky’s. The colorful store featured bins of bulk treats. You could find everything from Atomic Fireballs to Sour Patch Kids. I remember picking out containers and candy to give to my teachers for Valentine’s day or the end of the year. It was ingrained in us to show our appreciation and thanks for these influential individuals in our lives.  

Do you give your teachers a gift or note of appreciation when school starts? No matter your budget, a quick email or hand written letter sharing your support for our teachers and staff will go a long way. Having your kids write a note makes it even more special. It will also serve as a good reminder of how thankful you are for teachers that will help with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure this year!

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