Supplies Needed:
Bead Landing 6mm Jump Rings
You will need 2 jump rings
Bead Landing Small Earring Fish Hook
You will need 2 fish hooks

Bead Landing Leather Cording or any other 3/16” leather cord
You will need a total length of 26” for this project

– Super glue or E6000
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Needle nose pliers

Earring drop length is around 2.75”. 
Project time: 20 minutes

You can find the jump rings and leather cording at Michaels


Step 1: Measure and cut 6 strips of leather measuring 4” each. These are the tassels.

Step 2: Measure and cut 2 strips of leather measuring 1” each. These will wrap around each tassel.

Each earring will use three strips

Step 3: Straighten tassels: Since the leather cord is wrapped around itself in the package, it can be a little ‘bendy’ when you use it (see photo). To remedy this, I wet two fingers, and pinch/flatten the parts that need some straightening. Don’t worry, the water won’t discolor this particular leather! You can also place a heavy book on top of the leather strips to flatten.

If your pieces are curled, flatten them with your fingers

Step 4: Take one 6mm jump ring and open it wide with the needle nose pliers.

Step 5: Stack 3 of the 4” leather pieces on top of each other. Fold in half. Slide them through the jump ring. 

Take four of the leather pieces and fold them in half

Slide the leather through the open jump ring but don’t close it yet, you’ll need to insert the fish hook next

Step 6: Take the open 6mm jump ring and insert it through the leather tassels and the eye of the fish hook earring. Close by gently squeezing the jump ring back together. Spin the jump ring under the leather folds to hide the ends.

Step 7: Wrap the 1” leather piece around the tassels and secure with a drop of glue. Press firmly until dry.  I like to make sure the edges of the band are facing the back of the earring.

Position the edge of the 1″ leather strip to match up to the back of the earring

Notice how the edges of the band are positioned to the backside of the earring

Step 8: Trim the ends of the tassels: You can trim them all to the same length, or at different lengths and different angles. Make yours unique! Repeat steps 4-8 to make the other earring.

Trim each strip at an angle

You’re done! Hopefully this was a simple enough project for you to undertake. You should have quite a bit of leftover supplies if you used the same products I did – why not make some for your friends!

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