When you have kids, date nights can get a little pricey. Baby-sitter fees add up quickly and sometimes you feel like you’re on the clock. But, dates don’t always have to happen in the evenings. When all your kids are in school, and you’ve got some PTO that needs to be used up, plan a daytime activity!


Topgolf opened in Brooklyn Center in September 2018. Described as an entertainment destination, the venue features high-tech, climate controlled hitting bays. The facility itself is massive. It’s a three story, 65,000 square foot building. It boasts a chef-driven menu, private rental space, and music and HDTVs all around. It’s definitely got a social vibe to the place, even during a weekday visit.

The service was really good. We were happily greeted at the door, and then walked to the check in counter. I’d recommend reserving your bay online if possible, but they also accept walk in guests. (You’re reserving a length of time for play.) When we checked in, we were told we had to purchase a Lifetime Membership card. The cheapest option is $5 per person. The perks include free club rental, ability to track points earned during games you play, access to ‘signature games’, and exclusive offers throughout the year. Sounds more like a loyalty or rewards club, but with a small price tag. Fine, we’ll pay the $5 for something that should be free, don’t you think?

Since the venue is multi-level, you can also choose where you want to play. We ended up in the middle, but keep in mind that you will be hitting balls from that vantage point, versus ground level. And, there will also be balls coming from below or above you too!

Each bay is equipped with clubs, their own tv, touch screen to access games, and golf balls are automatically dispensed from a machine on the ground. Players can choose from more than a dozen games. You’re basically hitting at targets and trying to get the best score. The golf balls are all micro chipped, which means scoring is done automatically. Pretty cool!

Select your game from the screen

Wave your club over the sensor and a ball automatically is dispensed

Heated bays allows of year-round play
Plenty of seating and food options make it ideal for groups

We didn’t try any of the menu or bar items, as we had planned to grab lunch at Mi-Sant nearby. The regionally chef-created menu and top shelf liquor should serve well for entertaining. Topgolf is a great place for non-golfers and kids alike. There is no minimum age, but kids under the age of 16 need to be supervised by someone over age 21. Bring a group of friends, coworkers, and have a fun and relaxed social outing.

Final Thoughts on Topgolf:
Cost of date: $50
Length of time: 1 hour
Service: Excellent – Friendly, attentive and helpful employees
Value: If you are looking for an outing with friends or family, then Topgolf would fit the bill. For the more avid golfer, you’re probably best spending your money on a true course. It was nice getting ‘outdoors’ in November and not freezing. The golf games didn’t ‘wow’ Josh, but it was fun being able to drive the ball. We enjoyed the concept, but probably won’t make it a regular date activity.

Mi-Sant Banh Mi Co.

I’ve had Mi-Sant on my list to check out for some time. Located in Brooklyn Park, it was the perfect lunch stop for our Topgolf date. The restaurant gets the name from ‘banh mi’ and ‘croissant’. A banh mi typically consists of a baguette filled with meat and pickled vegetables. I paired mine with a freshly baked coconut croissant and Vietnamese coffee. Mmmm.

The classic banh mi sandwich – [french baguette, pâté (upon request), mayonnaise, jalapeño, cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikons and carrots]

The restaurant is clean, cheery, and you’ll appreciate the charming details found throughout. They offer catering, online ordering and pickup, and drive thru! You’ll find other items besides banh mi on their menu. We’ll have to check out the rice and noodle bowls, and some of their bubble teas next time.

Final Thoughts on Mi-Sant:
Cost of lunch date: $27.73 – two sandwiches, two coffees, one croissant
Service: The employees were polite and friendly, even when it took me ten minutes to decide between the nutella or coconut croissant (in the end I should have just purchased them all). They patiently explained the differences between the sandwiches.
Value: Pretty good – The banh mi sandwiches range from $5 – $8, which seems to fall in the same range of other banh mi found in Vietnamese restaurants. Same goes for the Vietnamese coffee. We’d hit up Mi Sant again if we were in the area, or wanted to venture further outside of our ‘west metro radius’.

If you head out to any of these two venues, let me know what you think!

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